WTB - Brand - Web design

WTB (Trader slang for ”Want to buy” )  are a 2 years old start up taking on the underground deadstock trainers trade industry.

Founded by sneakerheads, JJ and Tobi, they use science and tech to stock items that would double in price in a blink. While looking like an average store, WTB is also a marketplace.

They have been using facebook in the early stages and I worked with them to design a new web appearance and branding strategy to take on the likes of Stock-X and Hypebeast.  

Being a sneakerhead and a hypebeast myself. I took advantage of this project to push the limits of what an online store can be.

Many small details are added to showcase the shoes on their best light. 

For example every element of the page changes to complement the main colours of the trainers. 

To accompany their social media post, we developed a typographic treatment to implement to different parts of the page.