ZULU (Travel Direct) - Lead UX/UI designer

As lead UX designer, I investigated the hypothetical decision driven scenarios of users by modelling the UX architecture to de-risk engineering and business decisions and to streamline the delivery of software and digital products.

We worked in Agile teams. Below you can see an example of what we built within an sprint,

Below is an example of 1 week sprint outcome.

Every project started by outlining all possible journeys, interaction points and users.
Below you can see an example interactive user journey map,

All User journeys
Browse and book Holidays via our mobile App, Track bookings.
Book holiday for Travelers and build customized holidays though our Saas
Upload inventory and holiday items via our Saas, Compare item rices to set competitive pricing.
Insurance provider
View details, price and risk assessments to offer informed deals via our saas.

Once all journeys are identified, we can estimate how many screen we would need to build.
This would also help identify MVP items and Blockers

Once MVP and blockers are identified we will build a prototype of the new items.

The next step is building a clickable prototype for usability testing