Mehrshad Abbaslou


My name is Mehrshad and I am a design-thinker. I have worked in startups, agencies, as part of large design teams and part of product teams. I understand design challenges and I use design thinking and creative problem solving to build lasting designs.


I studied Product design at the University of Art London until 2016. I received the MSc in Applied technology from Ravensbourne university, London, in 2019. I have experience as a user experience designer and then senior user experience researcher, working on various B2C/B2B Saas (Software as a service) and mobile applications at multiple technology companies in London, some of which with over hundred million pounds turnover. During this time I focused on system SUE(Security, Efficacy & Usability) and I was doing research in the areas of Socio-technical System Security, System Information Architecture for seamless interactions, and methods in improving users focus and productivity. 

My UX research aimed at analysis of human perceived interaction to achieve efficiency KPIs, advanced task automation via IoT systems, and effective human error detection methods for the detection of user caused data leaks.    Contact me for a commercial or research projects.